Houston - we have lift off...

Yeah. I know, you've seen posts on this 'page' before... But - brace yourself: those weren't really mine. Those were written - as a kindness - by the 'imp of the pre-verse' to keep this new environment warm until Marky finally found time to 'move in.' THIS post, however, is by the imp in the picture. Yeah - at last - Mark's first L.J. post. ... So where has Marky been all this time? ...

Can't tell you now. I'm out of time. :D Gotta run. But when I next post - any day now... really ... I will tell you. Until then (crackle, crackle, hisssss ... line goes dead, and white noise....)

Note from Helper Imp

Mark promises that he will be posting here regularly just very, very soon now, and he apologizes (well, the Imp is sure he does, if he knew the Imp was posting here) for his neglect of this journal.

Happy New Year everyone!

--signed, the friendly Helper Imp
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